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Isla Fisher:Her Success and Scandals

She is probably one of the most successful actresses in the world having racked up a mind boggling $75 million.Indeed the ‘People with Money’ magazine places her at the number one spot for 2017.And I am not talking about your ordinary Tom,Dick and Harry.Its’ Isla Fisher.Yes,I mean the Australian actress who is fondly popular for the ‘Wedding Crashers,Home and Away and The Great Gatsby among other movies and series.And if you thought you have had enough of her,then you need to visit the ‘Glamour’ magazine where Isla Fisher has been named the sexiest actress alive for two consecutive years.Its’ not surprising that her beauty has attracted numerous scandals in the recent weeks.

Indeed Isla Fisher appears to be battling with her public image after apparently nude photos of her surfaced online a few days ago.It appears that her phone and email was hacked and even if FBI are already investigating the issue,the damage is already done.Besides,news in the local dailies in Australia seem to suggest that Isla Fisher has actually parted ways with her long time lover and friend prompting suggestions that she could be secretly married to another man and other quarters suggesting she is actually single again.Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

And before dust could settle,Isla Fisher is reported to be pregnant for her long time hubby after she was spotted with a bulging stomach on the evening of Thursday 19th of this month.When asked about this,she neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.Her love life seems to be under heavy scrutiny from the public and her fans.

But never mind because this is only a tip of an iceberg.Recent rumors that she is set to retire from acting is likely to cause a stir among her fans some of whom consider her their idol.

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