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Donald Trump, Katy Perry, President, Roar, Women's March

Katy Perry Marches Anti-Trump

Singer Katy Perry missed the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Through her Twitter, Perry stated she was engraved in sleep. Guess what! Sleep was rejuvenating and energizing Perry of what was yet to take off on Saturday. The 32-year-old Roar singer led in the Women’s March On Washington protesting against the 45th president. The march …

Australian actresses, Glamour, Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers

Isla Fisher:Her Success and Scandals

She is probably one of the most successful actresses in the world having racked up a mind boggling $75 million.Indeed the ‘People with Money’ magazine places her at the number one spot for 2017.And I am not talking about your ordinary Tom,Dick and Harry.Its’ Isla Fisher.Yes,I mean the Australian actress who is fondly popular for …